3 Special Occasions to Rent a Yacht

A glistening view of the water is enough to take any party to the next level, and this is especially true for life’s grandest celebrations. If you’re looking to add a splash of excitement and glamour to your next big event, your search ends with a private yacht! Whether your guests are hoping to soak up the sun or you’re searching for overnight yacht rental to keep the festivities going, a celebration on a yacht is one that will truly be remembered. Here are three special occasions that deserve to be celebrated on the water.


Thought to be the best day of any happy couple’s life, a marriage deserves to be celebrated in style and elegance. Waterfront views will add effortless magic to your ceremony, and a reception on the water will be memorable fun for everyone on board. Your photographer will have a gorgeous backdrop for pictures no matter where they’re taken, and your wedding colors are sure to stand out well against the scenic landscape. Best of all, yachts are perfect for large and small guest lists alike, so everyone will have plenty of room for dancing and mingling.


No matter the level of education your beloved graduate has completed, this achievement is one that calls for music, laughter and merrymaking amidst the grandeur of the open water. Hosting the party on a yacht is a great way to make any graduate feel honored, so the celebration will be a truly meaningful show of praise for all their hard work. Fireworks over the reflection of moonlit water would make an unforgettable addition to your celebration, and any lighting you choose will produce a breathtaking atmosphere for your guests. The opportunity for photos is limitless, and guests may even be inclined to bring along swimsuits, inner tubes and water skis for extra fun!


Retiring is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and should be treated as such. Hosting your loved one’s retirement party on the water gives way for fishing in the sunset, toasting champagne as you crest along the coast and even taking a carefree splash into the water! You can choose to keep things black-tie formal or encourage your guests to arrive in flip flops and t-shirts; either way, there’s no limit to the activities you can plan. If you’re hosting a smaller retirement party, your guests will have plenty of room to board overnight, so you can keep the fun going as long as you’d like.

Whether you’re tying the knot in front of friends and family, throwing your graduation cap in the air or finally saying hello to the golden days, celebrating on a yacht is a great way to make these events memorable. The possibilities for fun in or out of the water are endless, your photographs will be awe-inspiring and the party will be talked about for years to come. If you’re planning to celebrate on the water, always be sure to take extra precautions — have life vests and preservers on hand, keep children well supervised and be safe when fishing or getting in the water.

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