3 Great Destinations in South Australia to Visit in a Camper Trailer

South Australia is full of great camping spots that can cater to any style of camping you might enjoy. Travellers with camper trailers will automatically be granted even greater access to some of the best and most enviable camping spaces that can be found across the country. This article will go over three of the best destinations in South Australia to visit in a camper trailer.

H2: Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is a popular destination for tourists in South Australia. It’s the third largest island in the whole of Australia and boasts varied landscapes, from beaches to native bushland. There’s also a variety of activities for tourists to partake in, as well as abundant wildlife such as koalas, kangaroos and over 40 species of birds. Camping with a camper trailer allows travellers to get closer to nature and experience the island in a truly unique way.

As you’ll need to take a ferry from Adelaide to reach the island, it’s essential for travellers with camper trailers to book their travel and desired campground in advance. When booking the ferry, you’ll need to specify both the length of your camper trailer and towing vehicle. Travellers should also be aware that some restrictions may apply depending on the size of your vehicle as well as weather conditions.

H2: Mannum

Mannum is another popular tourist spot in South Australia. Fortunately, Mannum is accessible via a 1.5 hour drive from Adelaide, so there’s no need to get your towing vehicle and camper trailer on a ferry and pay for the associated travel costs. Interestingly, the town of Mannum is also located on the Murray River, so travellers with camper trailers can effectively capitalise on their travels by seeing two iconic Australian landmarks for the price of one.

There’s an abundance of campsites available, including essential amenities such as electricity, toilet and shower facilities and laundry facilities. Mannum is noted for its diversified activities, offering water sports and fishing as well as plenty of native walks and ample dining precincts. This campsite will suit travellers who are looking for a way to cap off their travels in a laidback and effortless manner.

H2: Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound is a lesser known travel destination in South Australia and is effectively Australia’s answer to the Grand Canyon national park in the US. The surroundings boast massive mountains as well as Wilpena Pound’s signature natural sunken amphitheatre. Travelling here is not for the faint of heart however, as it can take up to six hours to drive to Wilpena Pound from Adelaide. This may be part of the reason why the campsite has gone relatively unnoticed compared to other famous South Australian landmarks.

Travellers who are driving to Wilpena Pound with camper trailers will be able to take comfortable rest stops in between the long stretches of road it takes to get there. Once there, campers will be treated to some of the best bush walks in the world as well as being able to fully immerse themselves in the massive scope of natural beauty and countryside the area has to offer.

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