Pop top camper trailer – what are the advantages of having one? 

Pop-top camper trailers are smaller than regular hard-top campers but, they are no less! With a retractable roof, they have more possibilities to offer than the regular ones. Several manufacturers pay close attention to various factors and offer the best off-road capabilities. The passengers get to seek adventure while being comfortable even on bumpy roads. So, what more could a travel enthusiast ask for? Here are the top advantages of using a pop top camper trailer that regular travel trailers don’t usually offer.

  1. Great price 

In comparison with a regular travel trailer, the pop-top version is an economical choice. It is because the price of a robust travel trailer goes up substantially, and some are even over $100k. So, it is a wise choice to pick a pop-top one that one can even buy for as low as $2k (a second-hand one). In case one picks a second-hand trailer, many of them have DIY repair manuals and, there are YouTube tutorials as well.

  1. No special pickups 

The pop-top camper trailers are usually compact. They don’t need any truck or other huge vehicle to tow them. A family sedan is enough if the towing capacity of the car is more than the weight of the trailer. One should check these two values beforehand to avoid any trouble.

  1. Lightweight and compact 

As the name suggests, a pop top camper trailer is small, compact, and lightweight, making it an attractive choice for adventure seekers. They can take it to campgrounds easily as the weight is usually less than 2,000 lbs. The dimensions also make it suitable for the same.

  1. Safe to tow 

Pop-top camper trailers are easier to tow than regular ones. The travel trailers tend to fishtail or sway when they’re not loaded properly. This situation may lead to fatal accidents on the road. However, this is not the case with pop-top trailers. They have an appropriate dimension and low profile, which makes them more aerodynamic. These features make them safe to tow and avoid accidents.

  1. A small living facility 

When it comes to enjoying camping, just the basic amenities are enough. Many of the pop-top trailers have facilities like a sink, faucet, fresh and grey water tanks, ovens, dinette, etc. So, it’s like a small and comfortable living facility that makes camps more enjoyable.

Tent camping with uncomfortable floors and insects is a thing of the past now. There are pop-top tent camper trailers that have beds surrounded by nets and canvas. It allows campers to stay close to nature while being safe. The retractable roof is a great feature in itself. If someone loves star-gazing, it will be a mesmerizing experience for them to watch the stars during their camp from the comfort of their trailer. When not in use, the compact pop-top trailers can be stored in self-storage facilities for a very affordable price. So, all-in-all, these compact trailers are like small packages of explosive features!

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