Thailand is a popular holiday destination with people worldwide, and Phuket is one of the best places to visit throughout the country. If you are looking to plan and book a holiday in a tropical paradise, then Phuket may be the perfect destination for you. Below are some tips to help you plan the ideal holiday to the Land of Smiles, ensuring that you take home plenty of excellent memories that will last a lifetime.

Where To Stay On The Island

To help you decide which part of the island you want to stay on when you visit, you will have to consider what you want to do during your visit. Suppose you are looking for something quiet you will want to stay away from areas such as Patong which is full of tourists. If you will be active and out and about a lot during your visit, you may be better off staying somewhere more central to enable getting about the island easier. If you want to be waited on hand and foot in opulent luxury, then choosing one of the four or five-star resorts may be the best choice for you.

Finding The Perfect Accommodation For Your Holiday

When it comes to choosing accommodation in Phuket, you have a wealth of choices available, no matter whether you want to stay in a luxurious 5-star resort, or a private pool villa, Phuket has it all. You will also find that your budget will go much further in Phuket as a 5-star resort’s cost is significantly less than in other countries. There is accommodation available that is suitable for couples, large groups, and families, so no matter your requirements, you can find the perfect option for your Phuket visit.

The Best Time To Visit

You will also have to consider the best time for you to visit Phuket and choosing to go in the off-season can help save you money on both your flights and your accommodation. The most popular time to visit Thailand is between November and February when the weather is cooler, although it is still warm and sunny. The summer in Thailand runs from March to May when the temperature is often in the high 30s or low 40s. The cheapest time of year to visit is between June and October, which is the rainy season, and although it may rain, it is still warm. For more information on the best time of year to visit Thailand, the website has plenty of useful information to help you plan the perfect trip to Phuket.