Place yourself in the shoes of an ancestor. It is the year 1609, there has come a need to migrate from your home country, and it seems like Australia is the destination. You are not worried about visa applications, or what it will be like if you get there, you are simply worried about whether or not you will make it there alive. The journeys our ancestors endured to migrate were perilous, in abhorrent conditions. Thankfully, today this is not the case. We now have airplanes and ferries that can transport us around the world in comfort. However, we do have to worry about tricky visa applications and screening procedures.

To migrate to Australia today, one needs a visa. These visa applications can be technical and long-winded. This article sets out to shine some light on the possibilities and avenues that you can take if you are considering a move to the down under.

Australian Family?

If you are looking ot move to Australia and you: have a child who is an Australian citizen, you are of an age that is eligible for an Australian pension and more than half of your children live in Australia, then you are eligible for a family migration visa 884. These visas are permanent and cost 19,750 AUD. This visa is a great option for anyone who is looking to settle down in Australia to enjoy a retirement and be with their children.

Partner Visa

Are you: the partner of an Australian national, or, an Australian national who is looking to get their partner into Australia? If wither of these apply to you, an Australian partner visa may be the right call. In order to apply for this, you need to apply for both the temporary visa and the permanent visa. Border control are extremely strict when it comes to the application process, and due to the high number of applications they receive, any filled out incorrectly will be refused.

There you have it, two ways in which you can apply for a move to Australia. There are many, many more ways to get into Australia depending on your age, your circumstances, and how long you want to stay for. It may be worth your while looking at the Australian immigration page to find out more about your current situation. Australia has a long history of immigration and they are a very accommodating country for anyone looking to make the move.